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Často kladené otázky
týkající se COVID-19

Níže najdete soubor otázek a odpovědí týkajících se koronaviru a jaké důsledky to má pro vaši cestu s AIESEC.
Can I still register on for an exchange program?

Yes,you can still register for one of our programs without any obligation. We just recommend that you do not leave the country now, but stay at home and, while you wait for further developments,you can start to plan your future stay abroad, once it is safe again.

Which projects or internships can I apply for?

You can continue to apply for all projects and internships that you can find on our platform. However, we recommend starting your stay abroad after July 2021.

You can continue to apply for all projects and internships that you can find on our platform. However, we recommend starting your stay abroad after July 2021.

If the entry regulations of the destination country permit, you can start your project or internship as planned. If it is not possible to start the project or internship it may have to be postponed or canceled. In this case, please contact your AIESEC contact person in your city and discuss all options with him/her. The following options are available:

  1. Agree to the project/internship postponement and update the new project/internship data together with your AIESEC responsible on
  2. Find a new project or internship in the same country together with your AIESEC responsible and update your project/internship data accordingly on
  3. Find a new project or internship in another country together with your AIESEC responsible and update your project/internship data accordingly on
  4. Cancel the contract together with your AIESEC responsible.

Will my project or internship take place?

This depends on your individual case. Basically, however: projects and internships can be started. If your project or internship is postponed or canceled by the project or internship provider, please contact your local AIESEC contact.

How can I protect myself against the coronavirus?

Behaviors are identical to those for protection against influenza viruses:

  • Regularly and sufficiently long hand washing (at least 20 seconds under running water with soap)
  • Proper coughing and sneezing into a disposable handkerchief or into the crook of your arm
  • Keep away from people with coughs, colds or fevers; do not shake hands in general
  • Keep hands away from face (mucous membranes in mouth and nose as well as eyes)

Will my insurance cover the cost of quarantine?

Quarantine for prevention, applies to people that may or may not have been diagnosed with COVID-19 but do not show symptoms and are being quarantined for preventive measures. This is not medical care and therefore not covered. Quarantine/Isolation, applies to people that show symptoms and need to be diagnosed and/or treated. These patients are being hospitalized in isolation or in a single room in order not to contaminate others. This is medical care (inpatient care) and therefore covered. Make sure to check your specific policy as special conditions may apply.

Does my insurance cover treatment of COVID-19?

COVID-19 is not excluded from coverage so anyone who gets infected is covered for the required medical treatment as per the plan’s terms and conditions.

Is my dream of a year abroad now over? Should I even make plans and book a trip?

First, we assume that all trips and programs can take place in countries that have no entry restrictions and that are carried out by our local partners. If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues a travel ban for a travel destination, we will inform all participants concerned. They then have the option of rebooking their trip to a later date or to another country or program. This means that you can apply for one of our programs or travel abroad with AIESEC without worries and risk.

I wanted to do my project outside of Europe but due to the pandemic it won't be possible in the near future. What can I do?

We also have exciting projects within our partner countries in Europe. However, if you are only interested in projects outside of Europe, you can still be accepted for one of our projects, which are expected to start from July 2021. Although it is currently not certain whether it will then be possible to leave Europe freely, it is expected that the situation will improve by then. If you are not legally allowed to travel or the project is canceled 30 days or less before it was supposed to start your AIESEC responsible will contact you via email to rebook your exchange using a voucher valid to any other opportunity of the same program valid for 7 months.

In which circumstances are projects canceled?

At AIESEC, the health and safety of our participants always comes first. Therefore, before starting a specific project, we check whether the conditions are met without affecting health and safety. The current declaration of the World Health Organization (WHO) on the situation in the country is considered. If these are not met, we will terminate the project and inform all parties involved about the decision. So, you can be sure that if your project has not been canceled, you will not be in danger if you comply with the safety measures of the country and the World Health Organization (WHO).

In which situations can I request a refund? What is included and when can I request a refund?

If the project you were accepted for has been canceled or you are legally prohibited from traveling in the 30 days before your project starts you may be eligible to a refund. In these cases, depending on your situation you can send the official refund request via email within 30 days of the project's expected start date. The refund only includes the full fee that you paid to AIESEC Czech Republic. In all other cases there will be no reimbursement, but the voucher can be used. This is based on travel guidelines of the World Health Organization or the government.

Často kladené otázky

Níže najdete soubor nejčastěji kladených otázek a odpovědí týkajících se stáží s AIESEC.
Can I go out even if I'm not a student ??

Yes, all internships are limited only by age, 18-30 years. In registration you can fill in the former school or the school closest to you.

How long does the whole process take and how much in advance should I apply?

You can go on an internship alteady after about 1 month from registration. However, it is better to start the whole process as soon as possible, because the internships are constantly decreasing, so you will have a greater choice and also more time to equip everything you need.





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