This page was created to inform our interns and partners about current situation COVID-19 and what actions are we taking as AIESEC. The health and safety of interns in our exchange programs and the partners involved are the priority right now. We are committed to protecting our young people and helping to limit the spread of the epidemic.

Good Practices for protection

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands
  • Avoid handshakes and hugs
  • If you have symptoms, do not go to the emergency room, but contact your doctor
  • Cover your mouth and nose with disposable tissues, or use your elbow crease
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Keep the safety distance of one meter

How to get in and out of the country?

Based on the decision of the Czech Republic government to announce an emergency state, it occurs with efficiency from Saturday March 14. 2020 0:00 to the following restrictions of traveling relating to risk areas. With effect from March 16. 2020 0:00, these measures will be extended to non - risk areas.
From Sunday midnight the restriction expands for the entry of all foreigns, not only from the risk areas. Removed, from this measure, are the foreigners with temporary residence over 90 days or permanent residence in the Czech Republic
Traveling abroad is prohibited to the Czech citizens, foreigns with permanent residence or temporary residence over 90 days in the Czech Republic.
Contacts for questions connected to the traveling during state of emergency (8.00 - 16.00):
+420 974 815 394
+420 974 815 395
+420 974 815 396

What is AIESEC Czech Republic doing now?

  • Jsme v neustálém kontaktu s ostatními zeměmi, které jsou součástí AIESEC, a hlavně se zeměmi, kde jsou naši stážisté
  • Všichni naši členové v zemi se řídí pokyny národního a globálního vedení organizace aby se zajistila, co největší prevence
  • All voluntary projects on the national territory scheduled in March and April are suspended
  • We are monitoring the situation in other countries and we are setting action steps based on it

What is AIESEC doing globally?

  • A risk management plan has been created, both globally and nationally
  • The organization's online channels and platforms report all the safety measures recommended by the World Health Organization
  • Všechny regionální a mezinárodní konference byly posunuty nebo zrušeny
  • Všechny projekty začínající dříve než 1. června byly posunuty nebo vymazány z našeho portálu (
  • They have been defined responsible for the support of the various national offices, based on the risk level of the country they belong to

What to do if

Get in touch with your local reference committee to monitor the situation and evaluate the feasibility of your participation in the project. Our members will provide you all the informations.

In case of questions, you can also contact our national managers for outgoing exchanges
Volunteer projects - Benjamin Nickels – (english speaker)
Professional and start-ups internships - Danny Bastidas - danny (english speaker)

Follow the direction of national team. Be in touch with your local committee online. Follow our social media and email for newest information.

Get in touch with local committee, responsible for your project to monitor the situation and to set next steps. AIESEC Czech Republic assist you to postpone the date or to find different solution

In case of any questions, please contact our national manager of volunteer projects:
Rodrigo Santana - (english speaker)

Get in touch with the person responsible for communication with partners in our organization. All the online activities will continue. Unfortunately, we needed to cancel or postpone all the conferences and events, for more information contact our national manager for corporate relation:
Oldrřiška Zíková -

Get in touch with us on with the details of your question or doubt

Current legislation

State of emergency
The government based on the Home Secretary's proposal approved the emergency state in the Czech Republic. 

General informations
The emergency state is based on constitutional law No. 110/1998 Sb., about the safety of the Czech Republic. The duration of the emergency state is 30 days maximum. Can be extended after the previous approval of the Chamber of Deputies

The decision of the government about prohibition of the free movement of people in the Czech Republic
Effective from 16 March 2020 at 00:00 hours, through to 24 March 2020 at 6:00 the government prohibits the free movement of people throughout the Czech Republic, with the exception of:
a) Travel to work and for the performance of business or other related activities
b) Travel necessary to visit family or persons within an arm’s-length relationship
Travel required for procuring basic life necessities (e.g., shopping for food, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, hygiene products, cosmetics, and other druggist goods, feed and other articles for animals), including the needs of relatives and persons within an arm’s-length relationship, ensuring care for children, ensuring care for animals, use of necessary financial and postal services, restocking on automotive fuel
d) Travel required for ensuring the needs and services specified in paragraph (c) for another person (e.g., volunteering, neighbourly help)
e) Travel to medical facilities and social services facilities, including serving as necessary accompaniment for relatives and persons within an arm’s-length relationship, and ensuring veterinary care;
f) Travel to arrange urgent official matters, including serving as necessary accompaniment for relatives and persons within an arm’s length relationship
g) Performing one’s occupation or activities serving to ensure:

  1. security and safety, internal order, and addressing emergency situations
  2. protection of health, provision of medical or social care, including volunteering
  3. individual spiritual care and services
  4. mass public transport and other infrastructures
  5. services for the population, including supplies and delivery services
  6. veterinary care
h) Visits to nature and parks
i) Travel back to one’s home
j) Funerals
New restrictions (updated 23.3.2020)
Mimořádné opatření, kterým vláda po vyhlášení stavu nouze omezila do úterý 24. března až na výjimky volný pohyb a pobyt osob, bude kvůli vývoji pandemie koronaviru v České republice rozhodnutím vlády prodlouženo až do 1. dubna 6.00 hodin ráno. Ke stejnému datu byla prodloužena i všechna další dosud platná mimořádná opatření, kterými je například omezen až na přesně stanovené výjimky maloobchodní prodej a prodej služeb, zakázána přítomnost veřejnosti v restauracích, omezen provoz úřadů či zrušeno placení v modrých parkovacích zónách.